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Fully integrated drug discovery platform brought to you by 4SC Discovery and Crelux

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i2c (idea to candidate) is an integrated drug discovery platform formed by the two companies 4SC Discovery and Crelux, working together under one roof in a strategic alliance.  i2c offers a seamless process from early concept through to a preclinical development candidate ready to advance into formal animal model testing and thereafter into clinical trials.

We offer our services to pharma companies looking to outsource part of their early discovery projects and also small and mid-size biotech companies lacking the relevant technologies or infrastructure.

Besides the standard fee-for service offerings i2c also includes research collaborations based on tailor made risk sharing models.


The i2c approach is based on a unique combination of skills, technology and track record. 4SC Discovery is one of the “groundbreakers” for industrialized in silico screening, and over 250 targets have already been screened with this platform. The strong computational chemistry competence of 4SC is complemented by CRELUX, a global leader in protein crystallography and biophysical compound screening, harboring the world’s largest collection of readily available crystallography targets (>125).


i2c - a perfect suite of drug discovery technologies with a significant track record:


  • 90% successful hit finding programs, projects up to clinical phase 2 are based on this discovery platform
  • numerous proprietary software tools for in silico screening and computational chemistry developed in house
  • our structure based in silico approach grants low project start hurdles/cost
  • the i2c in vitro screening platform has no limitations regarding target class and integration of client compounds


As a technology and know how leader in the market for early-stage pharmaceutical research, we can draw from our vast experience in providing discovery services to pharma customers and have a global client base of more than 150 companies.


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