4SC Discovery GmbH


4SC Discovery GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of 4SC AG, is the research and discovery unit of 4SC Group. In house research activities are focussed on targeted therapies for autoimmune and cancer indications. Our expertise in drug discovery of small molecules in these therapeutic areas has been strongly proven by several of our discovery projects having successfully reached clinical stage at 4SC AG. Projects at discovery stage are open for partnering in long term collaborations aimed at advancing these to clinical stage. We will furthermore continue to engage in the discovery of novel drug candidates for the enhancement of 4SC AG’s clinical development pipeline.

Through current and former collaborations, scientists at 4SC Discovery have additionally acquired a strong expertise in customer orientated research programmes covering a multitude of therapeutic areas and target classes (proteases, kinases, phosphatases, GPCRs, ion channels, etc.) from hit identification up to the characterisation of development candidates. Efficient data management and intensive communication between experts from different fields as well as dedicated project management guarantee fast and effective advancement of any given project. Our research service offering covers all scientific aspects of drug discovery: computational chemistry, medicinal and analytical chemistry, biology and pharmacology.

As we receive all central services including accounting, purchasing and human resources from our parent company, we can focus our resources entirely on our core operative business – drug discovery and its commercialization.



Crelux is a leading expert in premium drug discovery solutions for global pharma, biotech and research organizations. Our work is highly individualized for our customers – we have been delivering tailor-made solutions in drug discovery, fragment screening, X-ray crystallography and protein supply for more than a decade. The company is privately owned by its founders, who are also the executive directors and who have been working together since 1999. CRELUX is fully independent of external shareholders with all profit being re-invested into the business. The fact that we do not need to rely on external financial sources is just one testimony to our excellent project success rates.

Our portfolio of premium drug discovery services is based on our top level protein expertise. In PRIME PROTEIN, we offer tailor-made proteins of highest quality – e.g. kinases, proteases, epigenetic proteins and membrane proteins – for use in assays, screening, diagnostics or crystallization. Our X-ray crystallography services – CRELUX´ core competence – include high-quality solutions for de novo and challenging projects (XPERT) as well as fast and in-time co-crystal structures of established relevant human disease targets (XPRESS). Our XPRESS portfolio represents one of the largest collections of human therapeutic targets worldwide – and it is constantly growing. In INTRACT, our biophysical screening platform, we offer measurements of enzymatic activities, binding kinetics, KD analyses and stability determination of proteins and biomolecular interaction partners. INTRACT is additionally the basis for SEEDS, our fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) solution for hit identification and structural validation.

Our goal is to create value for our customers by providing a flexible, expert work force. We do not lay claim to any intellectual property on fragments or structures. Professional handling of your confidential data is a matter of course for us. Our mission is to enable our clients to perform their work better, faster, more efficiently and more successfully.